Modern day lifestyle

Modern lifestyle: beautiful, bright, impressive. But, at the same time, competitive and stressful.
The fast pace, the constant struggle to succeed, bring with them the overstimulation of our nervous system, the strain of our body and mind.
And the moment comes when you feel like you just ran out of battery… “I have no energy!”
In short: Stress, anxiety!
Stress can weaken the immune system and cause long-term damage to our internal organs. Gradually, you start to feel that life is losing its color, its taste… It is losing its freshness, you know, that feeling that everything is new.
For children everything is new, and you can tell just by looking at their faces, they shine!
The solution? Relaxation of body and mind.
Changing your focus. Instead of constantly looking outwards, turn your gaze inwards.
Try to be able to listen, without wanting to change anything, just to be, to remember at regular intervals throughout the day to take a few deep breaths, and to get in touch with your inner world!

Kostas Vlachopoulos
Teaching Internal Arts Tai Chi, Qigong

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