Therapeutic exercise and quality of life

Contemporary city life is very demanding and burdensome on our general health, promoting syndromes related to hypo-mobility, musculoskeletal pain and stress.
A common finding of all health professionals who deal with the female body is that the gold standard for a good quality of life, in addition to a balanced diet, is engaging in exercise, particularly therapeutic, that promotes musculoskeletal dysfunctions recovery (specific therapeutic exercises).

Exercise is the therapeutic tool for achieving and maintaining physical and mental health. It even affects our biochemical profile, reducing the concentration of stress-producing cortisol in the blood and increasing endorphins, leading to a feeling of general well-being. Exercise in its therapeutic form (kinesiotherapy) is considered worldwide to be the most appropriate way to treat musculoskeletal problems.
These are special mobility exercises that are taught to the person in order for them to also practice them alone at home or their workplace.
These exercises act in a targeted manner with the aim of analgesia and restoration of movement. They contribute to the treatment of degeneration or injuries to the musculoskeletal system and promote the correct posture of the body so that we can carry on with our daily activities and work without discomfort and with greater confidence.

Our purpose is to encourage the introduction of therapeutic and general exercise into everyday life, in the right way, taking into account the particularities and needs of the modern woman. Upgrade your quality of life with smart ergonomic tips and exercises, as the way we move and stand, without pain, reflects our physical condition as well as our biological age.

Sokratis Iliadis

Ph.D. Physiotherapy
MSc. Physiotherapy
MSc. Sport Science
OMT (Maitland Concept)
Owner of Physiomedica Clinics

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